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a view from the top

LOCATION: Mabini Batangas
JUMP OFF: Balagbag Mabini Batangas

GET THERE: Ride a bus from Buendia that will pass Diversion Road in Batangas. The trip took us more or less 3 hours. From Diversion, jeepneys going to Anilao Proper is available, the fare cost P30.00. From Anilao Proper there are jeepneys going to Balagbag, the fare is P20.00, just ask the driver to drop you at Arthur’s place where you can assemble at a nearby plaza.

There are many options on where to start your climb but in general the road going up is accessible by any four wheel vehicle. But if you do drive up it will not be that fun and it will be a bit boring. The real challenge is the stiff curves but it will be complemented by scenic views of Batangas beaches and the Custard Apples (Atis) lined up along the road. It took us two and a half hour before reaching the summit. The trails are quite visible but there were some parts that we needed to make our own trail, but doing so will hype up the challenge. We reached the peak at around two in the afternoon, knowing that the peak is not that of Mt. Gulugod Baboy but is the peak of Mt. Tore. The stunning view from our spot made us decide to camp on Mt. Tore’s peak.

From diversion road, beware of the people who will try to offer you ride to Balagbag, they usually ask P1200.00 for a jeepney.
Beware of mad cows (literally).

Water is essential, but you can always refill from the houses on your way up.
Trash bags- remember to bring your trash back when you go down.

Its an achievement and a lesson learned. The appreciation of natural beauty is one of the best experience I had after the climb. Meeting new friends is a bonus. The whole experience is a package that will give you a twist in your life’s book of achievements.

note: don’t forget to hit the beach before going back to Manila, there are few diving resorts in Mabini 😀


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