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Location Name Type

Alternative Name:Limbones Island
Name Type:Native
Area / State:Cavite

Coordinates & Location Type

Area Type: Hypsographic
Location Type:Island
Latitude (DMS):14° 14′ 9 N
Longitude (DMS):120° 35′ 31 E

here is the map (


1. You can ride a bus along Taft Avenue, and board a bus to Ternate in Cavite. It will take around 2-3hours before you reach Ternate. Don’t be scared of getting lost because it would be the last station of the bus. Find the church and the market and ask where is the port going to Limbones. It’s a small boat dock where you will be haggling with the ‘bangkeros’ for the price. The boat ride is about 1-2 hours depending on the waves.
2. You may also ride a bus to Nasugbu, once in Nasugbu town proper get a tricycle that will service you to Patungan. Once in Patungan ask for the way to the shore and fishing boats will be there to take you to Limbones. The boat ride will take you 15-20 minutes.
3. On going back, you can ask the ‘bangkero’ to be get you after your stay. In Patungan there are jeepneys going back to Nasugbu but they have schedule of trips.


Limbones is a small Island and there are few families living on the island. Rumor has it that most of the lots were already owned by Henry Sy, though still few families stand for what they have. Simplicity is the best word that would describe Limbones. No electricity, and no public bathrooms or washrooms. There is a pump in the island where you can take a bath and clean up. Residence of the island are hospitable enough that they would guide you and offer you foods at times. Pitching a tent is advisable for no resort or hotel is present in the island.


Everything on the island is perfectly virgin and unharmed. The only wastes present are those of dried leaves and seaweeds. So, respect and discipline is advised. For food, there will be local fishermen who will drop by and offer there catch in a very reasonable price. Compared to market price you’ll think that it’s a 70% off sale. Swordfish, Tambakol, Maya Maya were few from which you buy it without the usual ‘kiluhan’ for they just estimate the weight of what you purchase.

What amazed me was these cool ‘pusit’ that has a disco ball like skin and tastes really good.


At the back of the residential area is a mountain with lush green trees and flowing stream. Unfortunately it was summer time when we went here so we weren’t able to see the stream. We went up the mountain but we didn’t attempt to reach the peak. On top, we even had the chance to pick up some live shrimps that served as our dinner. Just be careful with those big ants for they roam all around the bushes in the mountain.


Adjacent to Limbones Island are few more serene islands, one of which is accessible through passing a huge stone formation. Offers a white sand beach and a good view of the rest of the islands surrounding it. Its quiet and you can have a solo relaxation if you want for no one lives in this island.


The best hour to stay under the sun is from 3PM onwards and wait for the sun to set. It will give you a picturesque view of the sun as it sets behind those mountains around the island. Its one of the best way to end the day and start the night as you gather those drift woods that you’ll use for the bon fire. Remember to dig to avoid burning houses near the beach.


Whenever you go to a new place we need to go along with the people residing. Thanking them won’t hurt you. Giving some token is advisable. Its our life that they have guarded for a few days. It will be automatic whenever you experience their hospitality.


Before leaving Patungan or Ternate make sure you buy important things that you’ll need. That includes distilled water, seasoning, liquor and toiletries.

The best of which will be experience and the story you’ll bring back home that will make every friend of yours to be conscious and vigilant in helping and protecting the environment.


Holy week would be advisable or it will serve as your sacrifice. Summer is also a good time for the sun would give you that heat that you are looking for.

  1. Ming Andrada says:

    HI Nadnad,
    this is a very nice post! can you tell me how much will the travel cost?
    I also a traveler like you too…

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    • nadnad12 says:

      Limbones is actually a private island, its owned by one of my friends, though i think SMDC is developing one of the island there. Its a small community of fishermen… but ill ask her if you could possibly arrange a trip there, we usually go there on holy week. send me your target dates at

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